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Re: Spell Check Plugin Interface and Dependencies


On Wed, May 31, 2017, at 08:30 PM, JP Vossen wrote:

> Wait, I re-read the original, but I can't see the screen shot.  You said 
> "gtkspell fails" but is "gtkspellcheck" OK?  You only need ONE of them!
> Bug 72 has a list of the packages installed, and the 2 step process that 
> fixed it for me.  Admittedly, I have 67~rc1 from the PPA, not your 0.65.
> How do you have "gtkspell" because that's NOT in the Mint repos anymore. 
>   Maybe there is confusion there?

It's in mine, apparently. (screen shot)

> Do you have "aspell" and any dictionaries?
> What's the output from:
> 	dpkg -l | grep 'spell' | cut -c 1-80


> > If needed I'll rely on my usual fall back: open in default editor (edit
> > source for ZIM--wish there was a keyboard shortcut), spell check, save.
> Ouch!

Snap.  Wasn't trying to insult. I must have tried every note-taking
software that exist, some really good, like Connected Text, that had too
much, and some too little.  Often it's spell check that seems to be an
issue. Many, like CintraNotes on Windows and QOwnNotes, have had it in
their road maps a while, or just flat say it's too hard.

I just returned to Zim after a year of good faith effort to use EMCAS
and Org Mode.  I even purchased a physical copy of the Org Manual. I
won't bore you with all the details of my decades long quest, but I
really like Zim and am in the process of getting all my notes in it.

The "edit source" is something I only do with long writing, and the main
reason isn't spell check it's typewriter scroll, like one finds in
Scrivener and Focus Writer.  It kills my neck to always be staring at
the bottom of a screen, and I like to use the full screen for focused
writing.  So, I use Sublime Text 3 with the Typewriter scroll plugin in
full screen if I am going to be in a document for a while, regardless of
which other application I may associate that document with.

For quick notes snippets, quotes or GTD, etc, I can easily live with the
two Spanish words whose meanings are clear based on their location in
the right-click menu.

Bo Grimes

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