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Clipboard still broken in Windows in rc2


Nope! Clipboard is NOT fixed.

I was able to repeat the problem just now. Most of the time, copy
succeeds. Sometimes, no TEXT value is copied to the clipboard. I am
certain this isn't the fault of my Windows build process.

If I can come up with steps to reproduce, I will add it here later
today. https://github.com/jaap-karssenberg/zim-desktop-wiki/issues/29 

Jaap, I don't know where my notes are now, but a month or two ago I
definitely traced this down to the actual logic that converts the data
under the selection into various formats and sends them to the desktop
clipboard. In Windows, sometimes but not always, it copies NOTHING for
the plain text version, while still successfully putting a AST onto the

Use http://www.freeclipboardviewer.com/ and just keep copying stuff to
the clipboard, and you'll see the failure eventually.