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S5 Slide export - export to PDF?


I just *now* noticed that zim exports to S5 slides, which is awesome: But has anyone else confronted the problem of exporting to PDF? I see that the S5 engine has a "print.css" -- but that appears to be for creating paper-enhanced versions, whereas I'd like to have PDFs exported exactly like the original. I don't think S5 can do it (or at least I've not been able to figure it out) -- If I'm right and it can't, i'm also aware that there are a katrillion other HTML/CSS/JS Markdowny engines out there. So, I was wondering if anyone had solved this, or if not, if they had any ideas on getting this functionality -- whether it's trtying to hack the S5 css, or perhaps using a different slide engine (Beamer, slidify, slideous ?) Seems like exporting to one of those might not be too hard? I'm willing to try to help perhaps make another exporter?

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