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Find and Replace with links


Hello all!

I'm wondering if anyone knows how to do a Find and Replace to create links throughout a document. 

Right now, the closest I can figure is:

- Cntrl+H example

- [[Index:Example]] -> Replace All

- Cntrl+R

This inserts links to the Example entry in my Index, but it shows the full "Index:Example" text within the document. Running another Replace to change the text to "example" changes the link too - it becomes a link to example(page) at the same level as the document instead of referring back to the Index. 

So, currently I'm going by this:

- Cntrl+Shft+F "example"

- Clicking on each page

- Cntrl+F "example"

- Cntrl+L "Index:Example"
-- Alt+N repeat for each appearance 

With thousands of pages in my wiki and thousands of indexed words, this is prohibitively time consuming. 

Any advice?

Thanks much!


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