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Re: Window navigation on macOS


"...beyond command-tab" sounds like Command+Tab can switch between
notebooks, but it does not switch between Zim Wiki notebook windows (or
Chrome windows or Sublime windows).

I have a notebook for each project, plus a personal notebook. Navigation is


On Sat, Jan 6, 2018 at 9:48 AM, Joseph Reagle <joseph.2011@xxxxxxxxxx>

> On 1/6/18 10:59 AM, Chuck Esterbrook wrote:
> > Also, is there an accelerator/shortcut to cycle through the windows?
> > On Mac this is normally Command+Backtick which also works on Chrome
> > and Sublime.
> I usually don't have two windows open, but I confirm there isn't a typical
> way to move between them beyond command-tab.

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