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Re: Using start AND due date


On 2/1/18 2:35 PM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> For sure this should work - I use it all the time myself :)

I discovered there was a general problem with zim not picking up tasks on many of my pages. The only way I've been able to address it is to go through, manually, all of my pages and edit them a little bit (add and delete a new line) before zim will pick the tasks up again. The underlying syntax of that text, before and after, is exactly the same though.

Unfortunately, all of that is undone next time I export my wiki to HTML (which I do often) because I run `zim --index` before such exports (because of an earlier problem I don't recall), which causes zim to forget most of my tasks again!

Zim 0.67 on MacOS Sierra

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