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Zim 0.68 for Windows released


Zim for Windows package home page:

RSS feed:

Desktop installer:
https://zim.glump.net/site/assets/files/1092/zim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_68.exe (15MiB)
Portable installer:
https://zim.glump.net/site/assets/files/1091/zim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_68.exe (15MiB)

I saw a note somewhere saying that 0.68 will be the last Python 2 + GTK
2 release of Zim. When the Python 3 + GTK 3 port goes live, I'll
probably need to redo the Windows build process because there are better
tools available in the Python 3 ecosystem. It may take me a while to get
this done. I invite any interested parties to contribute in any way,
from helping with the build process all the way up to taking ownership
of zim.glump.net. :^)
Brendan Kidwell