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Lots of automatic links pointing nowhere


Hi all

My main Zim Notebook is accumulating links that I have not set intentionally, to be more precise, I have created a link but it is pointing to a target that does not exist where the link is pointing thus a new but empty target appears in the Index pane in italic letters.
The reason in a few cases seems to be that the link target is missing the leading colon. 

I usually create a link by typing Cmd-L (on a Mac) and type a few letters until the desired target appears in a drop down list, I select it, sometimes I adjust the descriptive text to make the rendered text look a bit more readable and accept my choice. 

Why would Zim sometimes suggest incomplete paths thus implicitly creating unwanted new targets with the shortest relative path? I am pretty sure I did not create these link targets myself.

Any ideas how to fix or avoid this behaviour in the future?


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