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Appropriate forum for "personal hacks?"


Again, shouts to Jaap and everyone else for this amazing tool. Had a general/admin question.

I don't know about you all, but (mostly thanks to plain text and bash scripting) I've sort of integrated *everything* into Zim and vice-versa, e.g.
- viewing tasks on my desktop with Conky
- writing plaintext date-events and grabbing them with Linux remind
- doing something similar to "literate programming" by having code files as easily clickable attachments
- stupid-easy website updates by just a zim notebook and rsync ...

..etc. (as in a lot of what the org-mode people scream about, but I did org-mode for a year and came right back :) )

Now, I'd love to share A LOT of these ideas and I'm curious as to what other people do -- but it seems like such may not be appropriate for this list because none of this has to do with actually modifying the code of Zim itself? Would that bring too much clutter? Might a forum be appropriate? Am I missing one that's already out there? Thanks.


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