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Re: Zim alternatives?



I too have the need for access to some of my Zim notebooks while away from
my desk.

Obviously using file sync software like Dropbox will work if you are stuck,
but I find it extremely inefficient to browse plain text docs (using
Dropbox’s txt viewer) compared to using the wiki GUI Zim provides.

One workaround for having your Zim on the road is to export to HTML, which
can be scripted to occur as regular as you like.  On IOS there is an
excellent app called Documents by Readdle, which can sync the Dropbox HTML
export and then allow ‘internet’ browsing as you normally would do.
Goodnotes is another IOS app that can do this.


On 23 June 2018 at 17:09, Silvio Monaco <silvio.monaco@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Hi Gordon and all,
> I'm not answering directly to your questions. Like you I've been using Zim
> for more than 5 years.
> I can't find anything better.
> I feel anyway that something is missing in Zim, I would love having a
> cloud server and a smartphone app, that is the reason why, on the go I use
> Google Keep.
> Do you know if there is any plan for such development?
> Would it be useful for many people?
> Thanks,
> Silvio