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Re: Zim alternatives?


I use zim for little chunks of information, so gnote or tomboy could be
almost sufficient for me. However, they both have some issues with the
global shortcuts or UI: in gnote you cannot quickly view all matches of a
search string (like in Zim with the instasearch plugin). Ok, the ideal for
me would be a search list with matches highlighted, like in Google Keep.

Yep, there are some alternatives: some of them use markdown:
like *QOwnNotes* (the interface could be cleaned, but it is a wiki with
linking function).
There is *boostnote*, which seems to be an electron app, also uses
markdown, has interlinks.

And if you like markdown and wysiwyg (I like in Zim, that there is just one
mode), than *typora.io <http://typora.io>* might be interesting (no linking
There is *Elephant notes <http://elephant.mine.nu/>*, which cannot create
link between notes, but can create markdown and html notes, saved searches
There is also *nixnote2*, which is an evernote client for linux.

What is frustrating for me, that I have not found a solution, which works
on PC and android for me.

I seek for something more lightweighter, than Zim. I mean, the UI is fine,
features is fine, I just rather want to have some pieces of notes grouped
to folders-tags, but sometimes I feel in Zim, that having a separate page
for a 2-3 lines recipe is overkill (well, I cannot explain it, it is not a
technical, more a mental issue for me. I have to give it a title ..., as
opposed to something in google notebooks).

I also fear of data loss, so I don't store info in *Google Keep* (notes has
no history). *Simplenote* has full note history but no wiki functionality
(well, others mentioned nvpy, where you can link nodes to each others).

*Dynalist* (~workflowy++) is a fine hierarchical note taking app, but you
have to pay for backups (but also has markdown support).

And what is very promising (but not desktop solution) is *cotoa.me
<http://cotoa.me>* (https://github.com/cotoami/cotoami), where you can
actually write pieces of informations and after that you can cluster them.

And another site that discusses how to take notes: https://zettelkasten.de/

So I confess I tried way too many solutions but cannot settle on one and
use it for everything (which I think now would be ideal).

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On Sat, Jun 23, 2018 at 9:31 AM Gordon Zano <gordon.zano@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> How is that for a catchy title!?
> I've been using Zim almost every day (Mo-Fr) for about 5yrs.
> I recently wondered if there was anything comparable out there and had a
> look, but couldn't find anything that I preferred.
> A couple of candidates that are close are CherryTree and Tiddlywiki.
> I gave TiddlyWiki about 30min of my time, but found it very non-intuitive
> and gave up.  I felt it was something for web developers!
> Confluence looks OK if you don't mind the big java footprint, but it's
> designed for workgroups.
> What have you used before moving to Zim Wiki?
> Ever tested other products since?
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> Gordon
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