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Slowdown in large notebooks


I’ve been following the other thread about Zim alternatives, and I have to say I really don’t want to switch. However, my notebook is 1500+ pages and likely to end up several times that size. Whenever I create a link, I get the Not Responding message for about five seconds, then it’s fine. If this is going to be proportional to the size of the notebook, it’s going to get infeasible eventually. 

I am willing to try just about anything to keep working in Zim - up to and including buying new hardware. Porting the text to a new platform would be frustrating and time consuming, but what I really don’t want to lose is the structure of interconnections. 

I guess my question is, is this a problem that can be worked around somehow, or have I gone past the theoretical limits of the platform?

Thanks all, 


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