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Existing pages missing in the index


I'm mostly on wondows 10, but sometimes on Xubuntu and Mac OSX (I don't
have the detail handy, sorry).

I use Zim and have my notebook on a usb stick which allows me to have all
my files always with me (not so safe though, but only on known
The problem I have is that when changing computer, I loose the possibility
to access some pages from the index, while they do exist on the stick at
the correct position...

I have tried deleting some of the index files I found, but it looks like it
is not sufficient to recover all pages...

Does anyone have a solution?

Is there a plan to have a UsbZim at some point where these issues would be

Thanks a lot for your time!

Pablo M Ibáñez Cruceyra
0(033) 6 52 10 75 03

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