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Missing pull down menus


Zim has been working fine for years.

I am not sure of why this could have caused it, but today I was testing a
few different linux desktops (Matte, Gnome Classic), and now after
reverting back to my original default Gnome desktop, I find that my Zim
menu's are missing.  I have the buttons, just not the menus: File, Format

If I press alt-f that menu appears, then I can use the right arrow button
to scroll across the other menus.  So at least there is a work around, but
it is clunky and annoying.

I tried installing the Red hat .rpm version version of Zim, and even tried
running 0.67 with the --standalone switch but to no avail.

Does anyone have any pointers on how to bring the menus back?


- Gordon

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