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Re: Zim release 0.69 and plan for 0.70


On 12/21/18 2:46 AM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
> I don't recognize the issues with the side pane you mention, might be
> MacOS specific. Please use the github issue tracker to report them
> instead of the mailing list.

Well, I've gotten myself in a knot I can't easily undo. When using zim 0.69 my mouse pointer is now offset by a bunch of pixels, so to click anything, I have to click above it.  This was created by my attempts to try 0.70. In 0.70, I can't use the left panel at all (it's gone) and basic functionality like jump is broken (see below). I'm happy to document bugs, will you have a label for gtk3 or 0.70 issues? (The diagnostic below is one I suffer in 0.69 too, but it never interfered with jump.)

This is zim 0.70
Platform: posix
Locale: en_US UTF-8
FS encoding: utf-8
Python: (3, 7, 1, 'final', 0)
PyGObject: (3, 30, 4)
No bzr version-info found

======= Traceback =======
  File "/Users/reagle/bin/zim-desktop-wiki-master/zim/gui/widgets.py", line 2995, in do_response
    destroy = self.do_response_ok()
  File "/Users/reagle/bin/zim-desktop-wiki-master/zim/gui/mainwindow.py", line 1002, in do_response_ok
  File "/Users/reagle/bin/zim-desktop-wiki-master/zim/gui/mainwindow.py", line 770, in open_page
  File "/Users/reagle/bin/zim-desktop-wiki-master/zim/gui/mainwindow.py", line 700, in save_uistate
    self.uistate['windowpos'] = tuple(self.get_position())
  File "/Users/reagle/bin/zim-desktop-wiki-master/zim/config/dicts.py", line 538, in __setitem__
    raise KeyError('Config key "%s" has not been defined' % k)
KeyError: 'Config key "windowpos" has not been defined'

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