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Zim release 0.69 and plan for 0.70


Dear all,

Today I merged the ongoing work on Python3 / Gtk3 into the "master" branch.
I realized this is necessary to make it visible where bug reports and merge
requests based on the Python2 / Gtk2 branch conflict with the ongoing work.
I branched off the latest Python2 / Gtk2 commit in a separate branch.

Before I did this I made a final Python2 / Gtk2 based release: version
0.69. The only update in this release compared to 0.68 is a indexer
performance fix for large notebooks.

I plan to release a 0.70-rc1 release candidate either this week or in the
first week of January. This will be based on Python3 / Gtk3. Although I
have been using this branch myself now for some time every day, there will
very likely be more bugs left and thus more release candidates needed than

Once the full 0.70 release is out I will finally have some time again to
actually look at bug reports and merge requests and consider what to do for
next year. If you have open merge requests you want to get in, please check
them again and make sure they work with Python3 / Gtk3 and have no merge
conflicts for the current master.

Also there will be work needed to update the windows installer. With the
previous release in April, Brendan stated he was hoping for volunteers to
pick up porting the windows installer for Python3 / Gtk3.



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