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Zim for chromebook


Hey all! I’m trying to set my niece up with Zim on her chromebook and the process is less than clear. 

Model: XE500C13
CHROMEOS_RELEASE_BOARD: celes-signed-mp-v2keys

I’d have loved to have this software as a kid - keeping track of homework, projects, and story ideas would have been so much easier. 

Found this site (https://www.bestchromebookapps.com/zim-for-chromebook) with installation instructions, but the icon was unfamiliar and as far as I can tell, this book should be compatible with Android apps, but zim isn’t showing in either the play store or the web store. 

If her mother says ok, I’d be willing to install a full Linux system, but if there’s a way to just get Zim, that’d be great. 


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