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Insert Equation Fails


Hi all,

I've been using zim for a while now, and have never been able to use the 
"insert equation" feature. I thought my install of windows was messed 
up, but recently I reinstalled for other reasons, and it is still not 
working. For reference, I am running zim 0.68 installed on Windows 10. I 
have Miktex fully installed (version 2.9), and both the dependencies 
insert equation relies on (latex and dvipng) are fulfilled.

This bug post (https://bugs.launchpad.net/zim/+bug/1237909) describes 
the symptoms exactly. When I try to insert an equation, the following 

If I click "Preview", an image of a  sheet of paper with a red cross on 
it is created, and the "View Log" button is grayed out. Clicking "OK" 
after this results in the message "An error occurred while generating 
the image.
Do you want to save the source text anyway?". "Yes" will insert the 
picture of the red cross, "No" closes the pop-up (the equation editor is 
still open).

If I click "OK" directly after typing in an equation (without clicking 
preview first), the same message appears.

I tried the solution in that bug post, but instead of prompting for me 
to install fonts, the command

> dvipng "-q" "-bg" "Transparent" "-T" "tight" "-o"  "c:\users\jack\appdata\local\temp\zim-Jack\equation.png" 


> "c:\users\jack\appdata\local\temp\zim-Jack\equation.dvi: No such file or 

The folder "c:\users\jack\appdata\local\temp\zim-Jack\" does exist, but 
it only contains the log file I generated.

I tried to do all of this in debug mode, here's a link to the pastebin 
of the log file: https://pastebin.com/YkB9ac4Z

Steps to recreate (at least, this does it for me):

- install Miktex

- install zim

- try to insert any equation (including the ones in the example)

One thing I have noticed is that if I try to insert an incorrect 
equation (say "\frac{1}{"), the same image is generated, but I can click 
view log - here's a pastebin of that: https://pastebin.com/QAkQN7AN

Thanks for your help,