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status of Zim Desktop Wiki for Windows -- I'm taking it a break right now, but someone else can take over


Hi all,

Thanks to Jaap and any other contributors for all the hard work porting
Zim to Python 3 and GTK 3! I look forward to using it.
Last month, Jaap released Zim 0.69 (Python 2 / GTK 2) and I successfully
ran the build process for Windows, but didn't get around to publishing
it. I've been using my 0.69 build and aside from the existing things we
don't know how to fix from before, it's working. I will sign the Windows
full install and portable install packages and upload them to the Zim
for Windows site probably tonight. (Sorry I got distracted in the mean
time. I've been sick.)
Also last month I started to try to build the Python 3 and GTK 3 branch
of Zim. I had some trouble with dependency hell, even though I was using
pip and pyinstaller. I do not know how close I am to a solution. I will
not be focusing on this effort, personally; I have other personal
projects on the table, and I don't know how many hours I can put into
this in the next month or two.
If anyone wants to try to build Zim 0.70 RC1 using Python 3 and GTK 3 on
WINDOWS, with the intention of packaging and sharing it, my
recommendation would be to stick with pip and pyinstaller, and try to do
things as simple as possible. Py2exe (used by the build script for the
Python 2 version of Zim) has not seen a release since 2008, while
pyinstaller claims to know how to deal with GTK 3, out of the box. For
the build and packaging steps that aren't covered by pyinstaller, you
can probably lift ideas from my Zim for Python 2 build process in
"./windows" in the Git repository.
If you come up with a good clean solution that's easily repeatable
(download 1 or 2 dependencies, run a shell script or two), that's great!
Show it to the team and let's delete the old build process and replace
it with yours in the Git repository. GPG-sign your installer executables
and I'd be happy to put them on my site. (Or you can take over Windows
installer hosting.)
If no one else comes up with a nice solution for packaging Zim 0.70 for
Windows, I'll probably get something working by March or April.
Brendan Kidwell

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