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Automatically reloading pages



I have a problem where Zim often says:

Could not save page

File changed on disk: (path)

To continue you can save a copy of this page or discard
any changes. If you save a copy changes will be also
discarded, but you can restore the copy later.

I'm using Dropbox for file syncing, though I think the issue I describe
here would happen for other file syncing services as well, The steps:

- Edit a notebook page on one machine.
- Save.
- File is synced to cloud.
- Go to another machine where notebook page is already open.
- File is synced *from* the cloud. Now it no longer matches Zim's memory.
- Edit the page in Zim.
- Save.
- Error message: Could not save page...

I understand what's happening. My question is whether this can be mitigated
with a plugin, patch, hidden setting or other technique? If Zim
automatically reloaded pages that were not modified in memory that had been
modified on disk, that would cure 99% of the issue.

Also, has this been discussed before? I searched around the web and the
list but didn't get any good hits.

I'm on Zim 0.68 on Mac and Windows 10 if that matters.


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