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*Partially* encrypted zim notebooks -- I think I found a way.


I know I saw interest in the idea of encrypted notebooks (as well as perhaps nested notebooks) so I figure I'd share a thing I'm trying that appears to work really well.

Let's say what you'd like is a *partly* encrypted notebook. This can work, if you're willing to have the UNencrypted part be a subfolder. You can probably see where I'm going with it, but here goes (I think this is Linux only, symlinks involved).

Let's say you have an unencrypted notebook in some main area. What you can do is mount an encrypted volume, create a new zim instance in there, and then add your old unencrypted zim folder as a symlinked subfolder. New encrypted zim makes its own index, but there should probably be no problems if only one is open at once, no? The neat part is you can let the multiple indexes deal with, e.g. some encrypted and unencrypted tasks/tags etc. Some won't show up in the "only unencrypted" zim -- but that's exactly the point.

(Use case might be something like, you have  stuff in a laptop "Work" zim notebook that you want to be able to pass around in the office during the day.  At home, however, you instead open up your private zim notebook (which has work as a sub) and then you can have access to, say...uh.. maybe things that are considered to be unsafe in a work environment. Like bank passwords. Sure, thats it.)

Make sense? See any problems? I'm both sharing in the hopes that others find the idea handy, but also perhaps to see if I've missed why this might not work? So far so good, though.