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Zim for Windows web site usage statistics -- not useful


Greg, I'm sorry I took so long to respond to this question.

https://zim.glump.net/windows/ received 9741 "visits" since 1 November 2018 and up until now, according to my private Open Web Analytics instance for this site. (I chose this start date arbitrarily just now to answer your question.) Ad blockers likely prevent this tracking from functioning on many individual visits, so that number is a lower limit.
I publish the direct download URL for the installers in my announcements
on this mailing list, and I'm sure it gets copied around to several
software catalog web sites. The only tracking on the download URL that
works is the web server log files which only lasts 3 days, and I never
setup a process to collect and analyze those logs.
Sorry, I can't really guess how often it's being downloaded.

Brendan Kidwell

On Sun, Jan 27, 2019, at 10:39, rapide.aston.martin@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Thanks Brendan for providing windows-builds in the past!
> Can you tell us how many downloads the last releases had (on average)?> 
> Thanks,
> Greg