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Zim 0.69.1 for Windows released


Zim for Windows package home page:
* includes sha256sums and GPG certs by me signing the builds

RSS feed:

Desktop installer:
https://zim.glump.net/site/assets/files/1096/zim-desktop-wiki-setup-0_69_1.exe (17MiB)

Portable installer:
https://zim.glump.net/site/assets/files/1095/zim-desktop-wiki-portable-0_69_1.exe (17MiB)

These two installers listed above were built by me, tonight. I got an email or two from Jaap and/or someone else offering help building 0.69 for Windows. If someone actually finished that process and reached out to me with a finished build, and I missed it, then I'm sorry I dropped the ball.

This will probably be the last release built on Python 2 and GTK 2, unless there is another 0.69.x upstream release from Jaap.


There is currently no official Windows build of Zim Desktop Wiki 0.70. A new packaging process needs to be built that takes into account: using Python 3 instead of Python 2; using GTK 3 instead of GTK 2; dropping Py2exe and probably switching to Pyinstaller.

I will get to this in the next few months, or you can help me out and take over the packaging process. If you decide to help, please have the goal designing at least a partially automated process where the release manager will perform some steps in the build doc and get the same result every time they build that version of the upstream source. You may be able to crib some of the packaging process from the 0.69 Python 2 branch, particularly the use of NSIS for installing and portable launching.

Brendan Kidwell

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