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zim releases 0.70-rc3 and 0.69.1


Dear all,

Yesterday evening I uploaded 2 releases: 0.70-rc3 and 0.69.1

Release 0.70-rc3 is the third release candidate for the 0.70 Gtk3 based
release. There quite a few small fixes compared to rc2 but also one
critical fix for updating links on move page or rename page. I previous
versions the update went wrong for floating links from the moved page(s)
that were anchored at a higher level. Fixed it and increased test coverage
to not let it slip back in.

Sine the same critical issue is also present in the Gtk2 based 0.69
release, I backported the fix and released as 0.69.1. I've added another
point number to the version to not conflict with the 0.70 Gtk3 version.

I would urge everyone to start using the 0.70 release candidate instead of
the 0.69.1 version, but if you are stuck with Gtk2 you should upgrade from
0.69 to 0.69.1.

Unless new (critical) issues are found I plan to make 0.70 final in another
2 to 3 weeks and complete the change to Gtk3 as the new stable release.



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