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Re: Zim from windows to Ubuntu


Hi Francois,

I'm using Zim Wiki on Mac, Windows 10, and Ubuntu/WSL/Win10, on the same
Zim notebooks, synced via Dropbox. However, I'm on the 0.69 release.

The two things I had to do:

-- Apply the "merge" patch discussed elsewhere on this list. Otherwise,
editing the same notebooks from different places was just too impractical.

-- On Ubuntu on Windows Linux Subsystem on Windows 10 (1809), Zim will get
slow after awhile and/or keys will get stuck. Not sure what that's about
and can't compare to other apps because it's the only GUI app I'm using on
Ubuntu. I just restart Zim every few days and it goes away. This could be a
WSL problem instead of a Zim problem.

You may be able to fix your index.db with these tips:

Good luck,