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Re: Cleaning up my config directory


So each profile would now be a style.conf in its own

I assume that would mean I would use a script to start each of my notebooks:
    XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/<user>/config1 zim wiki1
    XDG_CONFIG_HOME=/home/<user>/config2 zim wiki2

I think this has 2 consequences:
1.  I can no longer start wikis from the zim gui itself, or from zim in the tray.
I always have to start them from a script.
Not a big problem, but worth noting.

2.  I would have different versions of notebooks.lst,
one for each config:
Can zim handle this?

At the moment I have 3 profiles, so not unmanageable.


On 26/03/2019 21.08, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
We could bring back a feature like style per notebook via notebook properties. But not planned for now.

What always works is running Zim with different environment parameter for xdg_config_home to load a different config.



Op di 26 mrt. 2019 11:04 schreef mc <mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>:

    "but it will still try styles/<profilename> as a fallback."
    Understand, thanks.

    "From zim 0.70 onwards the profiles are gone"
    So in 0.70 how does one support different styles?

    For example, I use one style for, say, medical, investment and
    knowledge wikis
    (font Liberation Sans, tab/indent 64, etc ,...)
    and another for coding wikis
    (font Liberation Mono, tab/indent 32, etc,...)

    ie fonts, indenting, highlighting etc are different to the
    different types of wikis.


    On 26/03/2019 20.28, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
    If a notebook has a profile name set zim 0.69 will choose
    <profilename>/style.conf, but it will still try
    styles/<profilename> as a fallback.

    From zim 0.70 onwards the profiles are gone and only
    ~/.zonfig/zim/style.conf is supported for the global setting.

    -- Jaap

    On Sat, Mar 23, 2019 at 1:16 PM mc <mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    <mailto:mc4@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


        I have been using the magical zim for a very long time (2007?)
        since the former Perl version
        Each time I upgrade my OS (Ub 7.04 to now 18.04)
        I just copy across ~/.config/zim

        So I think some things in my config file may no longer be used.

        In particular:
        I assume the .conf files in
        are no longer used and have been replaced by

        Is this correct?


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