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Zim 0.72.0 is awesome!


Zim 0.72.0 is awesome!

* The pathbar fits much better and looks great
* The ToC seems to have stopped jumping around (that was nearly a show-stopper for me, I need that a lot and it was really annoying to have it jumping)
* "Duplicate" headers now work right in the ToC (another big one for me)

I did just see the garbled text problem (#727) but I've never been able to reproduce it on command. I see that on a paste or a large scroll, and just now it was a page switch. 2x PgUp then 2x PgDn "fix" the garbled text, so it's bearable.

It still loses it's place when switching pages (#770) but only sometimes. I'll to see if I can figure that out. That will be less of a problem since the ToC stopped jumping around.

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