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Zim 0.72.0 released


Dear all,

I just released zim version 0.72.0 with the changes below.

Translation updates are welcome at https://translations.launchpad.net/zim
(as soon as the website is synchronizes).



##  0.72.0 - Thu 29 Aug 2019
* Improve pathbar with "linked" visual design
* Improve statusbar visual style
* Change behavior for lists with mixed bullets
* Add configuration of keybindings to preferences dialog
* Support gnome-screenshot in the insert screenshot pluing
* Save size of secondary page window
* Add option for linenumbers option in insert code block dialog
* Add option to display date column in tasklist side pane
* Add warnings if locale does not support unicode
* Make SVG thumbnail support configurable
* Fix bug for insert equation and other objects
* Fix use of escape sequence in table cells
* Fix tasklist view for multiple dates in task
* Fix "apply heading" to strip list formatting
* Make ToC plugin update instead of refresh on save
* Fix issue with not-unique headings in tableofcontents
* Fix bugs in auto insert bullet at newline

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