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Crash on zim 0.69.1


Hi all,

A friend of mine is using Zim on windows 10. When starting Zim he gets the following error:

This is zim 0.69.1
Platform: nt
Locale: pt_BR cp1252
FS encoding: mbcs
Python: (2, 7, 14, 'final', 0)
Gtk: (2, 24, 10)
Pygtk: (2, 24, 0)
No bzr version-info found

======= Traceback =======
  File "zim\main\__init__.pyo", line 850, in main
  File "zim\main\__init__.pyo", line 631, in run
  File "zim\main\__init__.pyo", line 661, in _run_cmd
  File "zim\main\__init__.pyo", line 703, in _run_main_loop
  File "zim\main\__init__.pyo", line 255, in run
  File "zim\main\__init__.pyo", line 233, in build_notebook
  File "zim\notebook\__init__.pyo", line 110, in build_notebook
  File "zim\notebook\notebook.pyo", line 250, in new_from_dir
  File "zim\notebook\index\__init__.pyo", line 70, in __init__
  File "zim\notebook\index\__init__.pyo", line 77, in _update_iter_init
  File "zim\notebook\index\__init__.pyo", line 296, in __init__
  File "zim\notebook\index\files.pyo", line 74, in __init__
IntegrityError: UNIQUE constraint failed: files.path

It seems to be an index error.

I've tried re-indexing but the Zim executable don't seem to accept command line options.

How can we rebuild the index?

Thank you,

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