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Re: Stlye config


Thanks Hella
Unfortunately <linespacing> only affects the space between paragraphs, not the text within them.
It turns out I asked the same question back in 2015. The answer then was that what I wanted could not be done. Hey Ho!
Perhaps things have changed since version 0.62?
All the best
On 02/05/2020 13:25:28, hella_riede@xxxxxx <hella_riede@xxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Jeff,

I never used the line spacing option, but there's a template for style.conf here


which includes

indent = 30
tabs =
font =
justify =
linespacing = 3


Am 2. Mai 2020 12:52:55 MESZ schrieb Jeff Goatcher :
>I am trying to write a style.conf file that will alter the space
>between baselines in text. That is, how far apart lines of text in a
>paragraph are. I cannot find a cheat-sheet of acceptable attributes for
>Can anyone help?