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Some praise and a TOC question


Hope everybody's as safe as possible out there:

1. Just some more praise for Jaap and everyone who works on this fantastic tool.  I don't know how many of y'all keep up with the hot technologies of the day (e.g. through Hacker News) -- but (along with org-mode which I've tried a few times and I just keep coming back to zim) there are a crop of "new" tools and concepts like "roam" and "zettlekasten" that make me chuckle, because we've had 99% of what these things offer forever. Don't know how I feel about all these silly Silicon Valley bros making money off these ideas, but hey, live and let live? eh. Either way....

2. My little question, speaking of.  So, I do a lot of online-teaching and one thing that has always been a thing is dealing with slides -- and what I'm realizing, after many years, is that the biggest reason I don't enjoy using them is because I can't easily edit them on the fly.  Thinking a bit further -- I believe I could absolutely use Zim + Distraction Free Mode to display/broadcast "slides" as part of a screen share that I could edit right then and there, by making each "slide" a section divided by a header, and then using the TOC to "navigate" -- IF, and this is the big if -- if I could get zim working so that, when you click on the section title/anchor, it pops it to the TOP of the page, not the middle, as it appears to now.  A not terrible hack is lots of whitespace, I suppose -- any thoughts on this idea, specific or general?

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