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Re: Some praise and a TOC question


Zim is great. No doubt. An important key to success with open and free software is a rigid focus on the features that the software at hand serves well. Everything else wastes resources.

I always considered Zim for personal note taking and LyX for publication. They’re both quite similar in concept and usage. LyX brings you the magic latex engine which renders perfect slides, handouts and whatever you wish from – some kind of – notes.

Jaap has achieved something awesome. Let’s use each tool for what it is perfect for.

Sincerely, Mayk.

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Maybe I don't fully understand your use case, but why not use a separate page for each slide? You can show full screen with the pageindex along the side - at least in zim > 0.70 .

If that doesn't work. Instead of changing the behavior of the ToC you probably just want a new plugin that looks like the distraction free mode but has some presenting controls.

-- Jaap

On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 8:19 PM John R. Marks, IV <jrm4@xxxxxxxx<mailto:jrm4@xxxxxxxx>> wrote:
Hope everybody's as safe as possible out there:

1. Just some more praise for Jaap and everyone who works on this
fantastic tool.  I don't know how many of y'all keep up with the hot
technologies of the day (e.g. through Hacker News) -- but (along with
org-mode which I've tried a few times and I just keep coming back to
zim) there are a crop of "new" tools and concepts like "roam" and
"zettlekasten" that make me chuckle, because we've had 99% of what these
things offer forever. Don't know how I feel about all these silly
Silicon Valley bros making money off these ideas, but hey, live and let
live? eh. Either way....

2. My little question, speaking of.  So, I do a lot of online-teaching
and one thing that has always been a thing is dealing with slides -- and
what I'm realizing, after many years, is that the biggest reason I don't
enjoy using them is because I can't easily edit them on the fly.
Thinking a bit further -- I believe I could absolutely use Zim +
Distraction Free Mode to display/broadcast "slides" as part of a screen
share that I could edit right then and there, by making each "slide" a
section divided by a header, and then using the TOC to "navigate" -- IF,
and this is the big if -- if I could get zim working so that, when you
click on the section title/anchor, it pops it to the TOP of the page,
not the middle, as it appears to now.  A not terrible hack is lots of
whitespace, I suppose -- any thoughts on this idea, specific or general?

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