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Re: Zim 0.73 released !


For a translations workflow based on  git - see for example what the
darktable app (a GTK-based photo editor which is awesome) team does


Translating darktable Through git

This is a guide on how to translate darktable through pull requests in git.
This is the preferred way, since updates are more likely to get overlooked
or forgotten on the mailing list, whereas through pull requests, the
developers will keep receiving reminders until an update is implemented.

This guide assumes that your language is already present in darktable. If
not, please consult the darktable developers mailing list to have your
language added.
Setting Up Git On Your System Prerequisites

   - Create an account on GitHub <http://github.com>, if you don't already
   have one.
   - Install git and intltool on your system. On Debian/Ubuntu this would
   be sudo apt-get install git intltool.
   - A po editor such as Lokalize <http://userbase.kde.org/Lokalize> or
   Poedit <http://www.poedit.net/>.
   - darktable's build dependencies need to be installed on your system.
   Please refer to Building_darktable_20

   1. Go to the darktable GitHub page
   <http://github.com/darktable-org/darktable> and click the "Fork" icon in
   the top, right corner. By now you have a complete copy (a "fork") of the
   darktable repository on your GitHub account.
   2. Start up a terminal, and cd to the place where you want to store a
   copy of the darktable repository. Then, write the following command to
   clone your GitHub fork of the repository into the current directory:

   git clone https://github.com/MYGITHUBNAME/darktable.git

   3. cd into your newly cloned repository, and assign a remote called
   "upstream" to the original darktable repository (your fork is referenced to
   as "origin"):

   cd darktable
   git remote add upstream https://github.com/darktable-org/darktable.git

Working Routine

These are the steps you would typically follow, every time you want to work
on your translation.

   1. Fetch any new changes to the source code from the original darktable
   repository "upstream":

   git fetch upstream

   2. Optionally change to a non-master branch, in this case darktable-2.0.x.
   You would typically do this when the project is about to make a new
   release. If you work on a non-master branch, you will need to change
   master into the branch name in all steps below. If you want to work on
   master branch, you can skip this step. Or if you already changed into
   another branch and want to change back to master, do this step, but with
   master instead of the branch name. To see which branch you're working
   on, do git status.

   git checkout darktable-2.0.x

   3. Now, merge the fetches changes into you working files:

   git merge upstream/master

   4. Build darktable (takes a while), cd into the po directory where
   translations are, and update your language file to reflect the newest text
   strings found in the source files:

   cd po
   intltool-update da #change da into your language

   5. Start up your po editor and start translating.
   6. Tell git to include your changed file into the next commit, then do
   the actual commit, and then push your commit to your fork on GitHub:

   git add da.po  #change into your po file
   git commit -m 'Updated Danish translation'  #obviously change
comment to fit your language
   git push origin master

   If fact, you can do several commits before pushing, and you can push
   several times before going to the next step.
   7. Go to the GitHib page for your darktable fork. Click to see details
   of your latest commit(s). There you'll be presented with an option to
   create a pull request. When you've done so, you have told the darktable
   developers that your changes are ready for merging into the actual
   darktable repository.

On Thu, Jun 11, 2020 at 9:50 AM Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx>

> Quick update on translations: unfortunately the template import on
> launchpad is broken, and no clue how to fix it - seems that this function
> does not play well with a branch imported from git :(
> Probably it is time to go to a new workflow for translations and cut the
> last tie with launchpad project management. Just not sure yet where to go.
> Regards,
> Jaap
> On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 8:39 PM Jaap Karssenberg <
> jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Dear all,
>> Although a bit delayed, I just release zim 0.73.
>> Absolute highlight is that this version now allows formatting styles to
>> overlap in the editor. A special thanks to Edvard Rejthar for that patch.
>> See the changelog below for the full list of updates
>> Translation template should be imported soon in the launchpad website.
>> Please check over there if you want to help translating zim.
>> Regards,
>> Jaap
>> ##  0.73.0 - Sat 06 Jun 2020
>> * Add ability to combine formatting styles in editor
>> * Improve URL and link parsing to look for matching brackets
>> * Reduce the number of `-` needed to auto-format a horizontal line
>> * Allow typing bullet after e.g. checkbox to replace it
>> * Add autoformat for sub- and super-script by typing `^..` and `_{..}`
>> * On autoformat headings also strip trailing `=`
>> * Fix issue with lost formatting when using spellchecker
>> * Add support for "paragraph-background" property in style.conf
>> * Improve keyboard behavior of find bar in editor
>> * Swap the layout in the InsertDateDialog
>> * Allow re-arranging side pane tabs by drag and drop
>> * Add option to automatically collapse sections in the pageindex
>> * Fix regression for inserting links on "Attach file" and moved this
>>   function to the Insert menu
>> * Merge MovePageDialog and RenamePageDialog into a single dialog
>> * Fix behavior when renaming non-existing "placeholder" pages
>> * Add workaround for drag-and-drop issue #390
>> * Whitelist image formats in latex export to avoid invalid image types
>> * Add MacOS menubar plugin & fix for main menu mnemonics in MacOS
>> * Give temporary directories unique names to improve robustness
>> * Support TEXTDOMAINDIR evironment variable to set locale directory
>> * Improve folder checks for automount feature
>> * Improve window colors in distraction free mode
>> * Add option to set the wrap-mode in sourceview
>> * Add theme choice for the source view plugin
>> * Add "private" switch to server command for commandline usage
>> * Add authentication support to web server
>> * Add template selection option to web server dialog
>> * Add option for fontsize to table of contents plugin
>> * Add option to show horizontal lines in table of contents
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