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Re: Zim 0.73 released !


Quick update on translations: unfortunately the template import on
launchpad is broken, and no clue how to fix it - seems that this function
does not play well with a branch imported from git :(

Probably it is time to go to a new workflow for translations and cut the
last tie with launchpad project management. Just not sure yet where to go.



On Sat, Jun 6, 2020 at 8:39 PM Jaap Karssenberg <jaap.karssenberg@xxxxxxxxx>

> Dear all,
> Although a bit delayed, I just release zim 0.73.
> Absolute highlight is that this version now allows formatting styles to
> overlap in the editor. A special thanks to Edvard Rejthar for that patch.
> See the changelog below for the full list of updates
> Translation template should be imported soon in the launchpad website.
> Please check over there if you want to help translating zim.
> Regards,
> Jaap
> ##  0.73.0 - Sat 06 Jun 2020
> * Add ability to combine formatting styles in editor
> * Improve URL and link parsing to look for matching brackets
> * Reduce the number of `-` needed to auto-format a horizontal line
> * Allow typing bullet after e.g. checkbox to replace it
> * Add autoformat for sub- and super-script by typing `^..` and `_{..}`
> * On autoformat headings also strip trailing `=`
> * Fix issue with lost formatting when using spellchecker
> * Add support for "paragraph-background" property in style.conf
> * Improve keyboard behavior of find bar in editor
> * Swap the layout in the InsertDateDialog
> * Allow re-arranging side pane tabs by drag and drop
> * Add option to automatically collapse sections in the pageindex
> * Fix regression for inserting links on "Attach file" and moved this
>   function to the Insert menu
> * Merge MovePageDialog and RenamePageDialog into a single dialog
> * Fix behavior when renaming non-existing "placeholder" pages
> * Add workaround for drag-and-drop issue #390
> * Whitelist image formats in latex export to avoid invalid image types
> * Add MacOS menubar plugin & fix for main menu mnemonics in MacOS
> * Give temporary directories unique names to improve robustness
> * Support TEXTDOMAINDIR evironment variable to set locale directory
> * Improve folder checks for automount feature
> * Improve window colors in distraction free mode
> * Add option to set the wrap-mode in sourceview
> * Add theme choice for the source view plugin
> * Add "private" switch to server command for commandline usage
> * Add authentication support to web server
> * Add template selection option to web server dialog
> * Add option for fontsize to table of contents plugin
> * Add option to show horizontal lines in table of contents

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