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Re: How user can see completed tasks in the task list?



I enter the planned webinars in the to-do list (each entry on the preparation page for the corresponding webinar) and after its completion I would like to see their list with dates and topics.
A to-do list is best for this.

17.06.2020 18:42, Murat Güven wrote:

I implemented an extensive rework on the tasklist plugin for a previous version of ZIM where you could see the history of ticked items and also implemented a comment part for each task.

But as no one was really interested, I gave it up and never ported it to the new version of ZIM.

You can find it here:


Do you plan to ported it to the latest Zim version?

On 17.06.2020 17:02, Yahoo wrote:

There could be a couple of ways to do it.

1. Simple, but not so elegant, is to use the Task List but never check the boxes.

Instead, use a tag like @completed or @finished (but not both), so you can filter tasks on those tags. This way, you could have @cancelled also or @delayed or whatever you want.

Tags are very useful with tasks as you can mix them. For example, I often put an estimated time in the form of a tag (@d2 for 2 days, @h3 for 3 hours, etc.), so I can again filter based on time.

I’m doing something like this now.

2. Use Task List and check the boxes as usual.

Since Zim files are simple text files, you can seach them using tools or commands.

For Windows, I know a tool called Copernic that can do this job, as it indexes files and their content.

On Linux, DocFetcher does the same.

On Linux, for the current directory, the command "cat *txt | grep "\[\*\]" will find all completed tasks, as "
cat *txt | grep "\[x\]" will give all cancelled ones.

This is in my opinion too complicated - you have to use another program.
And I need to see exactly the list of completed cases - with their contents and dates in order to sort and compare among themselves.


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