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Re: Translations move to weblate.org


Am 23.09.20 um 07:44 schrieb Jaap Karssenberg:
On Tue, Sep 22, 2020 at 10:43 PM Andreas Klostermaier <andreas.klostermaier@xxxxxxxxxx <mailto:andreas.klostermaier@xxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:

    I successfully registered with Weblate and will continue to contribute translations there.
    Any specific reason for the switch from launchpad?

Launchpad messed up the github repository import and seems beyond repair - it blocks because the repository name is known already and everytime redirects to the broken import. Probably the only way to "unblock" the flow there would be to register a new project under a new name. Weblate was suggested on this list as a good alternative, so let's give it a try.

Get it. Weblate is absolutely fine! I got registered and ready to go in minutes, its fast, the "Things to check" feature is cool. String-specific comments and glossary are also nice.

The only thing I am missing (as in all translation services I know) is a language specific project-/component-wide comment section for discussing general standards.

@fellow translators: discord for that purpose, maybe?

Andreas Klostermaier
append[x] GmbH