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Re: Zim version 0.74.0 released !


On 9/14/21 3:33 PM, Jaap Karssenberg wrote:
Today I released zim version 0.74.0. ...
This is awesome!  Zim is great, I spend most of my day in ROXTerm and Zim, with some Firefox thrown in, and I got the update from the PPA today.

* I don't like the bottom edit bar either, but I know that will become optional in 0.74.1 (#1594), and it's not a show stopper anyway.
* It otherwise looks subtly...nicer, not sure why.  Definitely noticed the new checkbox icons.
* It's MUCH faster to navigate in-page using headers; before there was a lag of up to a second or two [because 1] which was really annoying, now it's instant.  This is a BIG DEAL for me, I use this constantly!
* It's still quite slow to switch pages, but that's because [1] and spell checking; if I turn spell check off (tedious) page switches are almost instant (see #1497).
* Searching is the same, very laggy, up to a few seconds.  But [1]...

[1] At work I'm forced to use Windows (with only 2 slow CPUs, but 16G RAM) so Zim lives in a 8G RAM Mint-20.2 VM under VirtualBox.  For some reason, especially since the move to Python3, Zim is significantly sluggish there.  On my other PCs, even old ones, Zim is fine; basically no discernible lag.  So most/all of this problem is on my side even if it's not under my control.  BUT, as I noted most of the lag seems to be caused by the spell checking, if I turn that off Zim is almost instant [hence #1497].  Note, I do tend to have pages in the 2,000-4,000 line range.  And lack of spell checking is a show stopper for me.  :-)

Thanks for an awesome tool!
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