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Zim version 0.74.0 released !


Hi all,

Today I released zim version 0.74.0. The full changelog is below. Key
changes in this release are: support for "anchors" to link within pages,
the ability to edit pages in a separate window and the possibility to undo
edits in the last 10 pages that are edited (within a session) even after
switching pages, and highly improved behavior when copy-pasting text with
images from one page to another. Also there is a key user-interface change
in that the main toolbar has been replaced by actions in the window border
(using the Gtk3 "headerbar") and a dedicated "editing bar" underneath the
page view. I realize not everyone will like this change, please see the new
"Toolbar" plugin, which supports a "classic mode" to revert to something
closer to the old interface.

Yesterday I also enabled the "discussions" feature on GitHub. This is
essentially a forum-style discussion board. Would like to test whether that
works better for some development discussions, or maybe even could replace
this mailing list at some point. If you want to discuss, please go to:



##  0.74.0 - Tue 14 Sep 2021
* Support link "anchors" to allow linking within page
* Add new-style headerbar as window decoration
* Add auto-hiding headerbar in full screen mode
* Add confirmation dialog when trashing pages
* Replace toolbar by a plugin, introduce "Edit Bar" in pageview
* Remove statusbar
* Make single page window editable
* Keep undostack for the last 10 pages
* Copy equations on copy-paste
* Copy image attachments on copy-paste
* Update relative links on copy-paste formatted text
* Fix copy-pasting links to another notebook
* Add Bullet Journal "back arrow" checkbox
* Add default browser to preferences
* Add option to paste short relative link names
* Add support for "INCLUDE file" in templates
* Add `<Ctrl><Shift>C` for copying the current line
* Show plugins that failed to load in the plugin list
* Add auto-expand and -collapse options to tags plugin
* Add option for horizontal scrollbar to pageindex & tags plugins
* Add "open backlink in new window" in backlinks plugin
* Add count and full path options for backlinks plugin
* Add rename and delete menu entries in attachmentbrowser
* Improve language selection for sourceview plugin
* Add border width preference to sourceview plugin
* Add dark mode preference to equation editor
* Add Toolbar plugin, including "classic" mode
* Add Command Palette plugin
* Also match URL in wiki text for local network
* Improve read performance for large text attachments
* Fix issue with unicode mismatch in link and page names
* Make indexer robust against false folder mtime
* Make windows installer robust against overwriting data
* Try to use GtkSourceView 4.x if 3.x not found
* Fix numbered lists with letters in Markdown export
* Use Pillow fallback to load WebP images
* Make appending to page undo-able
* Highlight "Toggle Editable" button when read-only
* Add extensions on PageWindow by splitting NotebookView and PageView
* Show link destination for keyboard navigation
* Exclude formatting when copying headings

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