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Link or Bookmark within a Page? Tooltips? Auto-linking?



Sorry, not sure what words to use but - The links in Zim are to a page. But is it possible to have a link that goes to a specific _place _in a page? Or can that be a wishlist item?

A related wishlist item - to have the ability to create 'tooltip' like links? So that _hovering _over the link reveals the content (rather than just the address)?

And for the hat-trick, my third wishlist item is the ability for the engine to auto-detect keywords. An example - If 'ObjectPage' is a real page in a wiki, then the engine will create a link every time that word is typed. If there are multiple paths which use the same word, then a pop-up offers the user options to select the correct one (e.g. parent1/ObjectPage or parent2/sub/ObjectPage).


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