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Re: Zim 0.75 released !


Sorry but I can't answer hoe things work with the brew package. Does it
list a specific maintainer?



Op ma 3 okt. 2022 19:11 schreef Joseph Reagle <joseph.2011@xxxxxxxxxx>:

> I've uninstalled the various versions I had and I think I am presently
> running 0.75 from brew. However:
> 1. Does the brew version keep settings back in `~/.config/zim` -- rather
> than `~/Library/Application\ Support/org.zim-wiki.Zim/zim/`?
> 2. How do I [increase the font size][2] of the whole app?
> 3. This version doesn't have a help/about with which to check the version.
> 4. This version has a binary in `/opt/homebrew/Cellar/zim/0.75.0/bin/zim`
> which is not on most paths; similarly, there's no `Zim.app` for launchers.
> [2]: https://github.com/zim-desktop-wiki/zim-desktop-wiki/issues/1773

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