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Re: Using Zim as document editor


Hey there,

Johan Vromans wrote:
>Little Girl wrote:

>> I haven't tried it, but this should be possible with the Custom
>> Tools option inside the Tools menu.

>Thanks for the suggestion. As far as I can see this will allow
>installing commands that modify (parts of) the current contents.
>While this could be used for my purposes, it would require manual
>intervention before/after each load/save which man quickly lead to

I believe the parameters that refer to the current contents are
optional, so you don't have to include them at all, but hopefully
someone else who's used those tools will chime in here.

>Also, the physical file on disk should be in the 'alien' format
>since it is used and updated by other tools as well.

That should be under your control with the custom command you decide
to use. If I'm understanding the purpose of the Custom Tools interface
correctly, it's just an internal interface that lets you run commands
from within Zim that you would have to run elsewhere otherwise.

Also, I forgot to mention that if you decide to experiment with the
Custom Tools, back up your Zim wiki first just in case something goes
wrong. I'm very good at breaking things, so that's always the first
thing I do before trying something new.

Little Girl

There is no spoon.

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