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Re: Using Zim as document editor


Hi Johan, FYI: there's been a long-standing issue for Zim to move to the markdown format, and supposedly some work has been done, but I don't know the status:


A method of converting any format is certainly an interesting idea.

Please see my comments after your text (below).

On 1/21/23 09:34, Johan Vromans wrote:
While this works nice for transparently loading/storing of alien documents
there's still one important feature missing: zim uses the timestamp of the
zim document to detect external changes and this timestamp is not updated
when external tools modify the alien document.

Do you mean Zim regularly polls the files (via something like `os.path.getmtime(path)`) within the Zim folder? If the user were to register other filetypes (e.g., json) could it not simply watch those files within the Zim folder as well?

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