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Re: Stability Under Load


On 08/19/2011 02:55 PM, Marc Dietrich wrote:

It could also be related to power supply. What we do is modifing the voltage
supplies for serveral power sources. I had the feeling, that Toshiba
undervoltaged some CPU supplies in order to save energy (compared to other
boards). So I increased SM1 from 1V to 1.2V which may have been wrong.

Sorry, I just re-read that and noticed you say voltages are modified for _several_ power sources. Which values are changed apart from SM1? I have just fired off two instances of something along the lines of this on tmpfs:

while (/bin/true); do
  nice -n 19 pbzip2 -9 testfile;
  nice -n 19 pbzip2 -d testfile.bz2;

It's running with a kernel where I put SM1 back to 1000mV. Going to leave it overnight and see if I get an error by morning. If I don't, tomorrow I'll flash the same kernel to the old one that was more unstable and see if is still erroring.