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Re: Stability Under Load


Am Freitag 19 August 2011, 20:51:29 schrieb Gordan Bobic:
> >>   Just looking now. Are you referring to the REGULATOR_INIT macro and
> >>   specifically the line that defines a struct with:
> >>   
> >>   REGULATOR_INIT(sm1, 725, 1200, true)?
> >>   
> >>   Are you saying that the default value as provided by Toshiba was
> >>   
> >>   REGULATOR_INIT(sm1, 725, 1000, true)?
> > 
> > correct. Please understand that these values are just best guesses on
> > what the Toshiba code does. In fact, kernel 2.6.38 has nothing to do
> > with the original code base because it's a total rewrite. You may check
> > arch/arm/mach-
> > tegra/odm_kit/adaptations/pmu/tps6586x/nvodm_pmu_tps6586x.c for
> > reference.
> I don't seem to have the arch/arm/mach-tegra/odm_kit directory in the
> kernel tree I pulled from your git. Where can I get this?

from the original source (check .29 or .32 kernel on gitorious.org).

Btw, I checked again and it seems that I only changed SM1. So it would be great 
if you can do some stress test with both voltages. I'm also not sure what 
voltages are really used in the original kernel. The code is sometimes a bit 
confusing. But you can check by running .29 and look in /sys/devices/regulator 
(I guess).


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