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Re: Stability Under Load


On Sun, Aug 21, 2011 at 12:06:39PM +0100, Gordan Bobic wrote:
> Really? It complains about a max of 1000mV? On my AC100 975mV and
> above produces no error. What model did you say you have?
Yes, a 10V. It should be fairly obvious the cpu_millivolts in
tegra2_dvfs.c includes 1100, the default level is 1100, as can
be seen in cpu_speedo_max_millivolts array, and

> >Harmony sets minimum voltage to 750 and maximum voltage to 1125,
> >maybe that gives more stability?
> Interesting. It also occurs to me that just tweaking voltages
> (which, again, would be much easier if they were run-time adjustable
> via /sys as I said in a previous post), it would be really handy to
> get core temperature readings? Does the AC100 have temperature
> sensors built in?
No, we don't know what happens if we started exposing the various
settings somewhere, when they are read, etc. To unsafe, in my

> On an unrelated note, I noticed an interesting possible correlation
> of an error in my message log with instability that I am currently
> investigating. It is possible that I have been barking up a
> completely wrong tree so far. I need to do some more investigating
> (A _LOT_ of SLUB memory allocation failures, possibly to do with
> zram swapping and/or the size of vmalloc set on the kernel command
> line).
SLUB errors come from rt2800usb usually, without the module loaded,
the errors should vanish. You could also try using SLAB instead of

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