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Re: Kernel update request


> correct, I'll push two additional patches in a few minutes (one for the
> temperature sensor and one to update the defconfig).

Any ac100/tegra specific config changes vs 2.6.38 to be aware of?

> Am I right that you will/can update the kernel later when sound is fully
> supported? Or other way around, given that Precise is still in development,
> when is the kernel closing date (e.g. bug fixes only)?

I'd like to upload soon, this week maybe, so it gets enough testing. The kernel
freeze is months away still, I am not sure off the top of my head when.

Given that ac100 is a spare-time/best-effort/community platform in
Ubuntu we are not very strict about such dates.
However we should aim for stability and no churn towards the end of
the cycle(March/April)
Are there any known regressions vs 2.6.38? Is sound not working yet?



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