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Re: Kernel update request


On 12/16/2011 02:49 PM, Jani Monoses wrote:
> Marc,
> your observation of toolchain changing was spot on.
> I built the latest 3.0 for armel and armhf (so those with precise
> armhf can test too) using gcc 4.5
> http://startx.ro/~jani/
> Others please test :)
> And it boots fine.
> Rebuilt same tree with 4.6 and locks up with Toshiba logo.
> I am not sure if it is an unrelated toolchain issue, or only triggered
> along with the RAM timing change, but I suspect
> it is toolchain only. I rebuilt a 2.6.38 too with the 4.6 toolchain
> and it did not boot.

FYI, all the kernels I build are with a home-grown gcc-4.6.1 (built
using crosstool-ng, and a virgin 4.6.1 release without patches), so
there's nothing intrinsically wrong with gcc-4.6 itself.

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