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Re: Ubuntu 12.10 upgrade or fresh installation?


2012/10/15 Johan Ehnberg <johan@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,

Hi Johan...
> It can be quite a hassle to upgrade as you need to move to lubuntu, so
> installing at least lubuntu-core will pull in the necessary packages before
> the upgrade, and allows you to select the appropriate desktop at the login
> screen. Getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff is another story, as is
> enabling all the lubuntu artwork throughout. Ultimately, I would like to see
> someone provide a one-liner that we can put on the wiki for people to switch
> between different desktop oriented distributions.

why do I have to move to lubuntu? I've currently installed Ubuntu,
removed the whole Unity-thing and installed XFCE as DE.
So you think upgrading will be painfull?

> I am now running nvidia-tegra, and although it seems stable, there are some
> rendering errors (the window controls disappear, etc.) and unity still does
> not seem to work with it. I think there is a slight performance benefit
> though. I have not yet tested video playback.

Will be curious if HDMI-out works :-)


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