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Re: Unity Next


On 26 April 2013 14:15, Florent Gallaire <fgallaire@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Once it's available we can try running it on ac100 and possibly
>> release the ubuntu flavour for ac100.
> As Ubuntu is not released for AC100 since the 12.10 switch to lubuntu,
> the choice to back to an Ubuntu vanilla is not so evident that you
> seems to say.

That's very backwards. We build flavours against targets, not the
other way around.

Ubuntu/Unity flavour does not build/work on ac100, thus was dropped.

Lubuntu flavour always worked and stayed.

Note that we have Lubuntu flavour for i386, amd64, powerpc... and
Ubuntu/Unity flavour for all of those as well. Among many other

So your reasoning is very backwards =)

>> Imho, i don't much understand why you posted your mail, as it doesn't
>> promt any responses....
> As the AC100 Ubuntu team has choosen LXDE without any community
> consultation, it's not SO EASY to read in you mind !
> I hope you understand better now.

HUH?! it's *buntu community that builds all releases. And ac100 target
got added to Lubuntu with strong Lubuntu support and collaboration.

AC100 team on launchpad is more or less a hardware-specific
communication forum / mailinglist for users/developers who want to run
any *buntu on ac100.

If there were drivers available and ac100 had faster processor, the
quantal and up unity would have worked and still be released. Lubuntu
is best suited for ac100 due to it's low specs.