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Re: Unity Next


On Fr, 2013-04-26 at 15:15 +0200, Florent Gallaire wrote:

> As the AC100 Ubuntu team has choosen LXDE without any community
> consultation, it's not SO EASY to read in you mind !
> I hope you understand better now.
it was my decision ... the "ac100 ubuntu community team" is exactly one
person (me) ... 

i did a strawman poll on IRC between the choice of lubuntu and xubuntu
and back then lubuntu simply won among the people available ...

i'm not even sure i will have any time at all to do anything for these
images over the next two releases except maintaining the status quo
unless someone else steps up to pick up some bits and pieces, i changed
teams at work and my workload doubled up for the next year.

in case you are interested to see unity-next based images i would ask
you to take over such a task (or find someone doing it) i wont have the
time to implement this.

also note that https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/paz00 actually has
an unity-next based image ... 

but since unity-next until 14.04 is completely touchscreen based (you
don't even have a mouse cursor) this is not really something you want to
use on an ac100 yet ... with the addition of Mir as the default display
server for the desktop in the 14.04 cycle this will change though.


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